Yellow Night – with Guy Limone
European Museum Night 2014
17 May 2014


Following on from Alexandre Polasek-Bourgougnon’s “La Nuit Bleue“,Pierre Ardouvin’s La Nuit Mauve, and Yann Toma’s La Nuit Fluorescente, le CCC has invited Guy Limone to create the coloured object for the European Museum Night 2014.

With his exhibition ”1/87th” presented at the CCC up to 1st June, Guy Limone has committed to sharing with the night time visitors a NUIT JAUNE, ‘Yellow Night’, a colour of which he is particularly fond. The artist is keen to say that ‘‘colour is my basic rule’’, and this is probably because he considers himself to be a painter first and foremost.

In his exhibition, he uses minuscule figures which the artist has painted by the hundred and has placed on the walls appearing to be patches of colour. On Saturday 17 May, the people of Tours wore Guy Limone’s colour and made themselves visible amongst the crowds of night visitors.

The ‘sleepwalkers’ undertook visits to the CCC exhibitions and to the ‘Jeu de Paume’ beyond the centre walls in the Château, wearing the special accessory for the yellow night going from museum to museum.
From 7pm to midnight, those people wearing yellow photograph themselves in Guy Limone’s photo studio set up within his exhibition. All of the photographs become part of the artist’s Collections of images which he may use in making future pieces. A midnight, Guy Limone has arranged for them to meet up in the exhibition to transform their accessory for the night into a work of art, and giving them a numbered, signed certificate.

Social networks (Facebook et Twitter) will be used to share the photographs of the Yellow Night.

In partnership with the Jeu de Paume beyond the walls and the Château of Tours.
THE YELLOW NIGHT is supported by the Cultural department of the City of Tours.