Stéphane Calais was born in Arras in 1967. He lives and works in Paris.

Stéphane Calais works equally in media which include drawing, silkscreen printing, sculpture and installations. Mixing these media, he is just as at home in the worlds of art history and ideas, references and artistic domains, passing from great art to decoration or cartoon strips. For him diversity has been a conscious choice since the very beginning, and is an artistic position that affords him different viewpoints allowing him to express the different layers of reality that he so enjoys exploring.
Up till now Stéphane Calais has always claimed drawing as his ‘mother tongue’, the basis for all the others. The exhibition shown at the CCC assesses the specifics and the development of his painting. Calais’ painting is a fusion of various references, and similarly he fuses the styles used and the colour spectra employed. He can encompass decorative styles,  and abstract and representative art.