Born in 1970 in Bulgaria; living and working in Paris and Sofia (Bulgaria).

Stefan Nikolaev has invested a great deal in the French artistic scene. He was the founder and co-manager of the Parisian space called Glassbox which was created 1997. His work is particularly informed by the duality of his cultural affiliations, and is rooted in his experience of being caught between.

Stefan Nikolaev attentively observes the codes that govern our current environment, saturated with logos and signage, which are identical no matter where they may be placed. His art borrows from the codes of advertising and marketing, then transforms them into pop minimalism. Thus he develops an international vocabulary of objects and brands, an aesthetic which evokes the transitory atmosphere of duty-free areas, places where cultures and histories are mixed together in a place where time is suspended against a background of complete neutrality.

Stefan Nikolaev is represented by the Michel Rein Gallery, Paris.