PUBLICATION « OPALKA 1965/1-∞ DETAIL 3999968-4000031 »

« OPALKA 1965/1-∞ DÉTAIL 3999968 – 4000031 »
Roman Opalka, 1990


This publication made up of a disc and a booklet made following Roman Opalka’s exhibition at the CCC Tours in 1986. Apart from the complete re-transcription of the passing of the fourth million, the disc includes “rencontre par la séparation” (encounter with separation). This is the super-imposing of the passing of the fourth million on the recordings of the three previous ones.

This publication in 1990 was made possible thanks to the Friends Association of the CCC. A limited edition of 175 numbered copies was made from 1 to 175 and all have been signed by the artist.