Wallpaper – 2008
Jacques Halbert
Produced by the Artist’s Agency with the assistance of ‘Help for Production’ of the Centre Region.


Jacques Halbert finally achieves a project which he has dreamt of creating for the last thirty years, since cherries have come to take over his canvasses. This production has been made possible thanks to the unique skill of the company called L’Atelier d’Offard, which has brought back to life the manufacture of block-painted wallpaper which ceased in the 1940s.

The image of the cherry has been the source of the majority of Jacques Halbert’s work since 1975. The arrangement of the subject as a decorative image, the relationship between style and content but also similarities between the pictorial practice of the artist and the traditional techniques of manufacturing wallpaper, carried out by the successive application of layers of colour, are an obvious basis.

Wallpaper gives an environmental dimension to the work of Jacques Halbert allowing it to exceed the painting’s limits attaining a sort of ‘all-over’ which submerges the audience in the artist’s vision.