« The Empty House » – 2011
Collection of the CCC Artists Agency


Sound installation.
56 pre-painted partitions made of ‘eurolight’,
Size : 2600 mm (Height) x 2600 mm (Width) x 600 mm (Thickness)
Sound : 2 audio CDs

This installation produced by the Artists Agency for the exhibition “The Empty House” at the CCC (2011), plunges us into the centre of an immense labyrinth of sound. The experience has a playful aspect at first like a fun-fair show, rapidly taking on a strange quality. The shaky walls seem to be as fragile as a house of cards, harking back to the broken lines of expressionist cinema where madness and anxiety roam free, such as ‘Nosferatu the Vampire’ or ‘The Cabinet of Docteur Caligari’ Doors slam, but we don’t know where or how, making our perception of the space more complex, augmenting the feeling of disorientation and emphasizing the sensation of being in a weird dream. Sound, which is always highly present in the art of Pierre Ardouvin, here serves to make us lose our bearings. It seems to encircle us and move, as if the structure itself seeks to trap us inside.

Wandering through these doors which only lead to each other plunges us into an absurd dream. It pushes us into the nooks and crannies of our own mental topography, and draws a place between fiction and reality, madness and stability, as in the myth of Daedalus.



2011 / CCC / “The Empty House” and “The Tempest”, from 9 April to 4 September 2011.