« Powerful Tips » – 2006
Stefan Nikolaev

This piece has been producedd as part of ‘Artistes/Entreprises’, acollaboration between the CCC of Tours and the ‘Projet pour la Touraine’ (Project for the Touraine region).

Painting on aluminium

Stefan Nikolaev is an attentive observer of the codes of communication, logos and signals which govern our daily lives. His artistic vocabulary takes its inspiration from this standard international language which plays an important role in our visual environment. In re-using and transforming them with a style which is young and ‘pop’, Stefan Nikolaev takes an offbeat look at our world.

The ‘Powerful Tips’ work was specially conceived for Actiforces, as part of the sponsorship programme called ‘Artistes /Entreprises’*. The artist takes apart the elements of its logo: the triangle, the colour green the notion of power resulting from its name. Stefan Nikolaev converts these symbols rooted in the area of communication into abstract painting with a decorative style. By taking the codes of marketing and putting them into the piece, he is blurring the lines between art and communication.

In order to carry out this artistic transmutation the artist humorously applies the tips taken from a manual for use in professional communication to the letter. He claims in this work that the colours can produce a transient euphoria if they are used to achieve artistic aims.