“Chloé” – 2007
Nicole Tran Ba Vang
Produced by the Artists’ Agency


Wall-Embroidery, wool, variable size.

This work is the first installation by Nicole Tran Ba Vang, who here invents the concept of “wall-embroidery”, making reference to the practice of wall painting. Motifs are embroidered directly into the wall of an entire room. This installation echoes the photographic series called ‘Autumn/Winter Collection 2007/2008’where female models are embroidered with identical motifs on surfaces which are themselves embroidered. This relationship with the images echoes the ambiguous interplay between the real and the fictional which recurs in the artist’s work. The ‘wall-embroidery’ has become part of the ‘flesh of the walls’ giving a new appearance to the surface of the walls showing between the motifs. Thus the wall acquires a new softness, elasticity and gentleness bringing to mind visually a delicate skin which is now surrounding us and plunges us into the heart of an impossible, unreal image.

This work preceded the stage design created by Nicole Tran Ba Vang for the ballet ‘Eldorado’ (2007) by the choreographer Angelin Preljocaj (music by Stockausen).