« 19h04 » (New façade of the CCC) Tours – 2007
Philippe Chiambaretta


On 16 March 2007, the Centre of Contemporary Creation of Tours unveils its new facade. This façade of lights has been designed by architect Philippe Chiambaretta/PCA, to represent ‘the tip of the iceberg’, lending the CCC a strong and effective identity in the city. This intervention has been extended by a project to refurbish the inside spaces of the art centre, with a dual intention, intending to improve the living conditions and the visit to the centre, and at the same time increase its visibility and appeal.

This new façade is made up of over 150 Plexiglas blades, forming a translucent wave giving the impression of a curtailed mobile landscape. Each blade is lit by light diodes generating a set of reverberations which create a unity throughout. The façade is a response to aesthetic intentions by making a reference to a world of shapes similar to those within the world of kinetic art and op art. In this world the spectators’ interplay and wanderings play a large role in gaining insight into the works displayed. The building’s existing façade has been retained, maintaining its role as a technical and protective architectural element.

Thus the main action carried out is the addition of a second skin, the new façade braced onto the original one, promoting the Centre’s functions which are both aesthetic and communicative, and in doing so, integrating it optimally into its urban surroundings. This façade designed by Philippe Chiambaretta reflects the CCC’s activities.

After the city of Tours launched a call for candidates, Philippe Chiambaretta was named in 2005 to carry out this project, which was financed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Centre Region and the City of Tours.