Friday 14 November at 6.30pm

It is a pleasure for the CCC to welcome the writer Claudie Gallay who will be presenting to the public her latest book Détails d’Opalka which has recently been published by Actes Sud.

Claudie Gallay is a novelist, and has published around ten novels, her 2008 publication being Les Déferlantes (Breaking Waves) which received critical and public acclaim. Her most recent book ‘Détails d’Opalka’ is a sensitive, poetic evocation of the Polish painter Roman Opalka. Here the novelist deconstructs the artist’s work which continually explored the concept of time and his own artistic output.

Roman Opalka, who died in 2011 is an artist whose works are on show today in some of the world’s major art galleries. From 1965 up to his death, he devoted himself to his life’s work whose aim was to record the irreversible passage of time in his ‘Details’ groupings of numbers painted on canvas. The invitation extended to Claudie Gallay to speak about her relationship with the work of through her own book has a special resonance at the CCC, where several exhibitions have been devoted to the artist.

« For a long time I thought that painting was about brushes, an easel, colours and a man standing in front of a canvas. Opalka taught me that it’s also about thought, he opens up a much wider horizon to me, took me further away to a place where watching was not enough, where pictorial emotion comes through reflection, where pleasure and knowledge are mixed together ». Claudie Gallay

Claudie Gallay was born in 1961. She lives in the Vaucluse. With the publishers Rouergue she has published L’Office des vivants (Thee Office of the Living), (2000), Mon amour, ma vie (My Love, my life) (2002), Les années cerises (The Cherry Years) (2004), Seule Venise (Venice Alone) (2004, prix Folies d’Encre et prix du Salon d’Ambronay), Dans l’or du temps (2006) et Les déferlantes (Braking Waves) (2008, grand prix des lectrices de Elle). For the publishers Actes Sud : L’amour est une île (Love is an island) (2010) et Une part de ciel (Part of the Sky) (2013).

This event has been organised in collaboration with the Polish Consulate in Tours.
With the support of the ‘Boite à Livres’ and the Touraine Polish Association.