A K Dolven was born in 1953 in Oslo, and splits her time between London and Lofoten in Norway.

A K Dolven is one of the best known Norwegian artists on the world stage, particularly acknowledged for her work in film and video.

She works in a variety of media, such as painting, video, photography, sound and installations. Irrespective of the medium used, the works of A K Dolven share the same purity of form, coloured by her unambiguous sensitivity to light and landscape, particularly the immense, blindingly white snow-scapes of the islands of Lofoten where she lives.

Whatever the subjects she is working on, A K Dolven‘s approach is underpinned by her reflection, both intellectual and intuitive, on the human condition. Her work tends to refer to actual sensory experiences which shed light on our understanding of today’s world, exploring the subtle and unconscious mechanisms used in perception, memory and emotion. Human energy is what drives A K Dolven’s creative process, and her work captures the fragility of the moment.